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Living in a big city like New York isn't always fulfilling. Shopping can be a painful process. The long lines, the rude sales associates and the busy atmosphere makes it impossible to get the attention you deserve for the products you want.  

Although shopping online eliminates most of the pressure, and large companies like Amazon provide fast shipping, it still lacks the customer service that everyone deserves. 

Tabalini was created with a personal touch in mind. We've integrated exceptional and personal customer service experience like no other! Every individual on our team has a long history of customer service in various fields. A combined 20 years experience in serving the needs of others. 


In order to maximize your shopping experience we endure the costs of shipping on all orders. However, In an effort to keep our costs low, we will usually choose 1-2 week shipping. You will not receive your package over night like some of the larger retailers.

However, you can always email us if you need your shipping expedited for some reason. We have done so many times on the clients request. 

Although the larger retailers will provide fast shipping, In their eyes you are only an account number and if you ever need to reach anyone past 5 pm you can not. And if you do, you have to crawl through tight spaces to get the department you need.  

At Tabalini, You are not just another account number who reaches a voicemail service after 5 pm! You are a person, a friend. Someone that we take the time to get to know. You can email us or text us and ask about any item. We can work around your budget. We can share ideas and you can utilize our insane appetite for fashion. 


Each order is processed the same way. If you know what you want and do not want to be engaged in conversation that is fine. You purchase and we ship. 
However, If you need the assistance, the attention, the recommendations, then you will be put in touch with an available associate who will be your unofficial personal stylist and friend. 
Our dedicated team will assist you of all your shopping needs around the clock. Our team has been known to share ideas in the middle of the night as to ensure your satisfaction. 
Email Sales@tabalini.com to be forwarded to an available representative. 
Thank you for your business, We truly appreciate it.
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